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about us.

While life of an expat spouse or partner looks adventurous and glamorous at times, it is very very intense at all times!


It takes those who have dared on a journey between CULTURES, the journey of questioning all they knew about the selves, the world and human interaction. It invites to reevaluate own values, question own approaches, redefine and reinvent own professional path and gain lots and lots of new skills to be able to maintain emotional stability and growth.


CULTURES.ACADEMY is a place to share your knowledge from different areas of life, which you have worked out for yourself while living as an expat.

What challenges did you have to face?

What supported you well to overcome them?

What superpowers did you develop as a result?

We will help you to turn your knowledge into an online course, which will inspire and strengthen the big world wide expat community.


Let's collect and make visible the expertise of successful expats together!

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