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LinkedIn for Professional Beginners

unlock an unlimited supply of network connections (recorded webinar)

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Recorded Online Webinar (flexible, on demand) LinkedIn is the most important professional social networking platform in the world, hosting more than 600 million professional connections. It’s an integral part of being a fully-fledged professional in any industry today. You’ve heard about it, probably already know its important and possibly even set up your profile on it. BUT you haven’t worked out how to leverage it professionally. Let us show you how and walk you through it step-by-step. This course will help you unlock an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. Whether you are looking for a job or maintaining your personal brand, you will walk away from this course with a professional LinkedIn profile and everything you need to know to be credible on the platform. Who is this for? Mid-career professional executive or entrepreneur What will you learn? 1. How to establish a professional brand on LinkedIn 2. Find the right people on LinkedIn 3. Engage with content on LinkedIn 4. Build relationships with LinkedIn About the Trainer Lavinia Thanapathy is a LinkedIn Top Voice and a TEDx Speaker on Change. Her LinkedIn Newsletter “Embrace the Crazy” has thousands of followers and her engagement on LinkedIn is regularly in the top 1%. Her posts are also regularly featured on LinkedIn News. She manages an extensive international network that spans 6 continents by harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Lavinia is a professional public speaker and part of a diplomatic family that regularly moves internationally. She will show you her own tried & tested techniques to be successful in building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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