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Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and NFTs

A gentle introduction to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs

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The past few years terms like cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and more recently, NFTs make their way into discussions that take place in the news, banks, galleries and cocktail parties at ever increasing frequencies. Are these cryptic technologies the "answer to life, the universe and everything" or are they just part of a huge bubble ready to burst? In this course will learn about: - the history and background of cryptocurrencies - the invention and evolution of the blockchain technology - what makes NFTs unique, literally The disruptions these technologies have brought in industries and behavioral patterns we take for granted as well the rather negative impacts they have on the environment and the safety and stability of our society will be discussed. No prior knowledge of mathematics, cryptography, computer science, software engineering or economics is required, although an open mind and a mood for experimentation will be helpful. And, of course, no financial or investment advice will be given.

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